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Two wacky individuals that were fed up in their work fields came together in a collective mindset to take their creative dreams to new heights.

Mental Health and Chronic Illness are conditions that we hope to shine further awareness, compassion and love on. Our name Twitchie and Company comes from "Twitchie" also known as CJ, who has been living with Chronic Illness for quite some time and "Company" isn't because we are one, it's from the "Company" we keep around us - Friends & Family.

Instead of focusing on the teasing and side eye glances from other people, Twitchie and her family, who also live with numerous types of Chronic Illness are turning their experiences into an acknowledgment, laughter and are proud of the fortitude they show on a daily basis. We plan on giving back a portion of our sales to several charities to help support others with Chronic Illness and our Military Vets. We believe however, that even though Chronic Illness is a part of our lives, it's not our whole life - just an accent. So really, anybody can relate to our products and those who might feel they can't, surely knows somebody who does!

For those many individuals who battle on a constant basis with chronic and invisible illnesses - stay #Strong

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